My Whole New Life

Percy agonncillo, philippines

Interviewed by Julian Hermosillo


      "My name is Percy Agonncillo and I am an immigrant. I was born in Manila, Philippines."


      "Back in Manila I liked it because  I had lots of friends and I played basketball for my schools varsity team. Also all my cousins were with me in the Philippines. When I played for the basketball team I started out on junior varsity and worked my way to varsity. When I played on varsity I was the youngest on the team.  I got to play on the varsity team because in the Philippines elementary and high school were at the same school."


      "Then the next thing I knew my mom wanted to move to the United States so the rest of my family could be together. Then in the sixth grade I left the Philippines and moved to South San Francisco, California.  I didn’t really want to move, but I had to since I was going to be living with my sister. At first I didn’t want to leave because I was going to have to sacrifice leaving my sister behind   to live with her dad and I had to leave all my friends.  I had to leave everything, my friends, my family, my school and start all over."


     "Now that I live here, I attend El Camino High school and I am now a sophomore. I like it here now that I realize that there is a lot more opportunities and I understand more things like how serious life is. Also the schools here are much better so that provides way more opportunities for me to live a better life. If I could move back I wouldn’t because I like it here now but I still would go back and visit. Now that I live here in South San Francisco my hobbies are still the same. I still enjoy playing basketball along with dance. Dancing will always be my love, its very nice."

     "So I am enjoying the life here in So. San Francisco and  I’m only making my life better.  In the end I may not have wanted to come here, but now I am glad my mom decided to move her because I now realize how important the move here was. My life is way better and I have so many more opportunities to do in life.  So that’s my whole new life for you."